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Inhaling the aroma of black tea may lower stress levels, according to a study

30 Aug 2018 Featured News

Drinking black tea has been known to provide mental health benefits, but what about inhaling its aroma? Research has found that inhaling the aroma of black tea may reduce stress levels before and after a mentally stressful event. In the study, which was published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, the relieving effects of two kinds of black tea (Assam and Darjeeling) aromas on physical and psychological stress were evaluated.

Pesticide residues still prevalent in honey: Recent review of samples from around the world reveals danger to bees

30 Aug 2018 Featured News

An international team of scientists have just concluded that roughly 75 percent of honey worldwide is contaminated (to some degree) with neonicotinoid residues. This, despite a European Union (EU) partial ban on the pesticides in 2014.