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Eating organic food and using supplements can prevent zinc and iron deficiencies

04 Sep 2018 Featured News

The world’s food supply is seriously lacking in iron and zinc, according to an international study led by researchers from the U.K. and Austria. Their article, released in the journal Global Food Security, looked at the current micronutrient deficiency in food systems around the world, especially in areas that need it.

Sugar during pregnancy makes babies fat: New study links carbohydrate-rich food with childhood obesity

04 Sep 2018 Featured News

Data from A*STAR research has revealed that mothers who consume a lot of sugary foods during pregnancy could be putting their children at higher risk of becoming overweight. However, this is only the case if the mothers are not already obese.

Pesticide residues found in eggs contribute to worsened health in humans

02 Sep 2018 Featured News

A Pakistani study evaluated chicken eggs for residual signs of pesticides used in other parts of the farm. It reported coming across significant levels of the toxic chemicals in the eggs, more than enough to pose serious health risks for humans who consumed the contaminated products.

Better genome editing

01 Sep 2018 Featured News

UCSB researchers develop a method of genome editing that not only gives the user complete spatiotemporal control but also treads lightly on DNA.