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PFAs, chemicals commonly found in household and everyday items, found to interfere with metabolism and body weight

07 Apr 2018 Featured News

A Harvard University study determined that high blood levels of obesogens – better known as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), a prevalent class of persistent chemicals – were linked with increased weight gains during latter parts of diets. According to its results, women were more vulnerable to PFA-connected obesity than men.

Food allergy is linked to skin exposure and genetics

06 Apr 2018 Featured News

• 'It's a major advance in understanding how food allergy starts' • There are potential ways to intervene early to avoid developing food allergy • Limit use of infant wipes that leave soap on skin and wash hands before handling baby • Cause of food allergy, which is on rise, has been a mystery

Herbal treatments help balance hormone fluctuations and mood swings in women

06 Apr 2018 Featured News

Menopause is a natural occurrence wherein menstruation stops in women. It typically occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. However, menopause can also occur before the age of 40. Menopause can be purposefully induced by drugs for medical reasons or prematurely caused by surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other drugs, or caused by other certain illnesses.