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Researchers develop transparent patch to detect dangerous food threats

06 Apr 2018 Featured News

Is that meat still good? Are you sure? McMaster researchers have developed a test to bring certainty to the delicate but critical question of whether meat and other foods are safe to eat or need to be thrown out.

Estrogen-like compounds in soy-based baby formula found to cause changes in reproductive health

05 Apr 2018 Featured News

Parents might give their infants soy-based formula because of a lactose intolerance, milk allergies, or other feeding problems, but a new study shows this could be a case of trading one problem for another.

Taking a multivitamin has beneficial effects for your brain function, mood

05 Apr 2018 Featured News

Current agricultural techniques have made it virtually impossible for you to gain all the nutrients your body needs from food alone. Even if you were to grow your own food, nutritionists still recommend supplementing your diet with a high-quality multivitamin and mineral formula to guard against nutritional deficiencies. The benefits of supplementing with a multivitamin are endless, but one effect that is not yet well-known is how these vitamins can dramatically improve neurocognitive function.

Study suggests pasta can be part of a healthy diet without packing on the pounds

03 Apr 2018 Featured News

Carbohydrates get a lot of bad press and blame for the obesity epidemic, but a new study suggests that this negative attention may not be deserved for pasta