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Food Experts Enhance Understanding Of Food Safety Management System

05 Dec 2017 Featured News

Discussions to understand and enhance knowledge of the comprehensive Food Safety Management System is the aim of a five-day training course at Radisson Blue Hotel on Denarau Island.

Toyo Tire Outbreak Caused by Salmonella Bacteria, Sickens Dozens

05 Dec 2017 Featured News

Salmonella bacteria caused the Toyo Tire outbreak in White, Georgia before Thanksgiving that sickened dozens of people, Logan Boss, Public Information Officer of the Department of Public Health Northwest Health District told Food Poisoning Bulletin. At least five people were hospitalized in that outbreak because their symptoms were so severe.

Rise of technology in food safety

05 Dec 2017 Featured News

This is the first of a four-part series on technology and food safety sponsored by PAR Technologies.

QLD Researchers Revolutionise Food Safety Testing

05 Dec 2017 Featured News

Researchers from the University of Queensland have created a cheap dipstick that can quickly test for bacteria that cause food poisoning thus reducing the need for expensive laboratory tests.