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Food Hygiene

Vinegar can help home cooks battle bacteria on leafy green

16 Apr 2018 News & Events

The most recent outbreak from Escherichia coli O157:H7 in romaine lettuce spurred me to pull up an old draft, trim it and post it in an attempt to promote public health. Enjoy.

Artificial sweeteners linked to metabolic syndrome; increases diabetes risk by up to 500%

15 Apr 2018 News & Events

Have you ever noticed how many overweight people drink diet soda or add low calorie sweeteners to their tea and coffee? Corporate propaganda tells overweight and obese people who are trying hard to lose weight – or who at the very least are trying not to gain more weight – that artificial sweeteners are the healthiest possible option.

Coffee found to affect metabolism in dozens of ways, including impacting steroid pathways

15 Apr 2018 News & Events

Coffee is able to alter metabolism in many ways, including those that affect the steroid pathway, according to a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. In the study, researchers from Northwestern University found that coffee also changed many other metabolites in the blood than previously known.

Japanese study confirms vitamin D reduces cancer risk

15 Apr 2018 News & Events

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that is good for the health, and scientists continue to explore its other health benefits. In fact, a new study found that vitamin D reduces the risk of cancers. The large Japanese cohort study, published in the BMJ, aimed to determine whether vitamin D was associated with the risk of total cancer and certain cancers.

Black raspberries can reduce your risk of developing oral cancer

14 Apr 2018 News & Events

A study on black raspberries and mouth tumors on experimental animals revealed that these berries can inhibit oral cancer, reported an article in the American Institute for Cancer Research website. The researchers also discovered cancer-related genes that could help explain its actions.