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Food Hygiene

It’s getting harder to open those raw milk loopholes

15 Mar 2018 News & Events

Raw milk advocates have gained some ground in the last decade, going from 29 to 43 states that allow some way to sell milk without pasteurization.

'New ritual' snacking emerges in France

15 Mar 2018 News & Events

The study - a 20-minute online quantitative survey of 1,182 French individuals aged between 18 and 64 coupled with a qualitative evaluation - was carried out last year by the 'Observatoire du Snacking', created by Mondelez.

European Commission launches Knowledge Centre to tackle food safety

13 Mar 2018 News & Events

The European Commission (EC) has launched a Knowledge Centre on Food Fraud and Quality in response to rising consumer concerns around food safety.

FoodLogiQ & Testo to change the way food firms manage their quality and food safety programs

07 Mar 2018 News & Events

FoodLogiQ and Testo have joined forces to bring together HACCP and IoT capabilities with the food industry’s supplier management, traceability and recall management SaaS platform.

Omega-3 trial fails to reproduce benefits on child reading and memory seen in earlier study

07 Mar 2018 News & Events

Dietary supplementation with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA had no impact on reading, working memory or behaviour of under-performing UK schoolchildren, suggests new research that contradicts previous findings.