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2018 Synthetic Biotechnology Training Course for Developing Countries

Published: Saturday,23 Sep 2017 Author: Coebio

2018 Synthetic Biotechnology Training Course for Developing Countries


1st TWAS Symposium on Plant Natural Product Synthesis by Microbes

(First Announcement)


Brief Introduction

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology (CoEBio) was formally established in 2013, based in the Institute of Microbiology and jointly supported by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as well as The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for the advancement of science in developing countries. It is an open and integrative platform aiming to strengthen the biotechnology innovation capability of developing countries and to provide biotechnological solutions to the problems of resource, energy, population, health and environment in developing countries through strategic intelligence analysis, scientific cooperation, technology training, education and outreach relating to biotechnology. More information could be found at:

Plants produce a wide variety of secondary metabolites of high nutraceutical and pharmaceutical importance. Compared with plant hosts, microorganisms show several advantages, such as faster growth, lower operational costs, and lower generation of byproducts. With the rapid development of synthetic biology, the efficiencies for producing such plant-derived compounds have been greatly promoted. How to dig and produce these pharma- and nutraceuticals is becoming an interesting project for the researchers from both developing and developed countries. Now, CoEBio is excited to announce that “2018 Synthetic Biotechnology Training Course for Developing Countries” with the theme of “microbial synthesis of plant-derived compounds” is now accepting applications and nominations. In this training course, we will not only expose participants to the state-of-the-art trends in synthetic biotechnology, but also instruct how to design and write grant proposals. We hope to spread these relevant knowledge and skills through the training courses, with the aim to initiate and stimulate the synthetic biotechnology research in developing countries. Additionally, we also want to group the excellent researchers both from developed and developing countries during this time and get connection with each other. Thus, a symposium about plant natural product synthesis by microbes will also be arranged during this event. The trainees are invited to attend the symposium and some will be selected for presenting their work, to have chances to talk with more speakers for helping themselves to understand the recent trends of synthetic biotechnology.


Invited speakers for training course:

Dr. Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Professor, University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Ikuro ABE, Professor, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Mattheos Koffas, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Dr. Jing-Ke Weng, Assistant Professor of Biology, MIT, USA

Dr. Yong Wang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Huifeng Jiang, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Jingwen Zhou, Professor, Jiangnan University, China

The above lectures will also attend the symposium and more speakers are inviting.


Time and venue

January15th-19th, 2018, Beijing, China


Sponsoring organizations

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

The World Academy of Sciences- for the advancement of science in developing countries (TWAS)


Host organizations

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology (CoEBio)

Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IM, CAS)


Local expenses: The local expenses, including dining, accommodation during the training period in China will be covered by the organizers.

Travel expenses: The international travel costs including round trip tickets and transit airfares should be borne by the participants themselves, or to be covered by their employers, their governments, or other sponsors. Should an acceptance letter is need for applicants to apply travel fund from their employers, governments or other sponsors, CoEBio will be pleased to offer such letters.

Other expenses: Other expenses including visa application, medical care, and insurances should be borne by the participants themselves, or to be covered by their employers, their governments, or other sponsors.


Language: English


Requirements for applicant

1.Under 60 years old

2.Demonstrated research or work experience in synthetic biotechnology

3.Be proficient in English.

4.Be in good health with no infectious diseases or handicapped.


Application procedures

Applicants are required to apply online (or via email) and submit the following documents.

1. A cover letter explaining why you're applying for the course, how you will benefit from taking the course, and what you hope to gain

2. Your Resume

3. Scan copy of your passport with the page of your photo and personal information

4. Employment certification

5. Research abstract with the theme of natural product synthesis by microbes or related (only applicable for those who want to present at symposium. The organizer will notify the selected speakers)


Insurance and liability

The training course organizer doses not hold any responsibility for such risks like life, accidents, illness, loss of property incurred by the participants during the training period.


For application and other details, please contact:

Ms. Dandan Luo

Programme Manager

CAS-TWAS Centre of Excellence for Biotechnology

Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences

No. 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101

Tel: +86-10-64807351



Key Date

Deadline for Registration: 30 Nov.,2017

Acceptance Notification: 15 Dec., 2017