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ANSO International Associations are Here!

Published: Thursday,06 May 2021



ANSO International Associations 

are Here! 


A range of scientific associations are  established as the operating arm of ANSO to help achieve the strategic objectives and incubate cross-boundary and regional collaborations in different scientific areas. ANSO International Associations are to integrate and network the scientists and research units of different countries to carry out cooperative research for advancing the vision of ANSO by mobilizing various resources and efforts more effectively.


Developing ANSO International Associations is listed amoung the ANSO working plans in 2020-2022


As a comprehensive and substantial international science organization, ANSO actively meets the needs of B&R regions and promotes regional socio-economic development. The ANSO Cross-cutting Platform has been developed to integrate various resources from ANSO members, partners, overseas centres, governments, enterprises, financial institutions and funding agencies to encourage tech-transfer which benefits green development and human wellbeing. Four integrated corridors will be developed on the ANSO Cross-cutting Platform which include Health, Food Security, Energy and Green Technology. The ANSO Cross-cutting Platform is not just a concept but promotes concrete and practical action. In 2019, the ANSO Health Corridor and Food Security Corridor were established with strong support from ANSO International Associations, ANSO collaborative projects, and training.


The Main Areas of ANSO International Associations



01 ANSO Food Security Corridor


The ANSO Food Security Corridor has been established to safeguard regional and global food security by improving research capacity in agriculture science and implementing related advanced technology in BRI regions. This platform extends in-depth cooperation and research in fields including Natural Disaster Risk Reduction, Hybrid Rice and Wheat, Food Productivity Assessment, High Efficiency Irrigation and Insect Pest Control


02 ANSO Health Corridor


The ANSO Health Corridor is a flagship platform focusing on technology transfer in Health Products, Clean Drinking Water, Low Cost Medical Care and Medicine/Vaccines. This platform places emphasis on establishing innovation-based enterprises to help the development of high-quality public health and human livelihood initiatives


03 ANSO Green Technology Corridor


The ANSO Green Technology Corridor is focused on technology transfer and innovation applications for energy saving and emissions reduction, pollution control and prevention, environmental protection, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and green process and product development for a low carbon society



For more information on ANSO International Associations, please contact:
ANSO Secretariat
Add: No.16 Lincui Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100101
Tel: 86-010-84097121


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