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Fermented vegetables, a rich repository of beneficial probiotics

Published: Friday,30 Mar 2018 Author: YFCMF

Fermentation is an old age biotechnological technique for preservation of vegetables, which has paved pathway towards nutritional and functional value of the foods. It not only preserves food for long period of time but also increases functional, nutritional and sensory features of food commodities. Fermentation is the outcome of the the microbes which grow in the food commodity with the passage of time. Leuconostoc mesenteroides and related LAB, including Weissella and other Leuconostoc spp. are important in the initiation of the fermentation of many vegetables. Fermented foods are supposed to be rich in the health beneficial probiotics. Fermented vegetables are low-calories foods as they contain considerably lower quantities of sugars compared to their raw counter parts. They are source of dietary fibre, which impedes the assimilation of fats and regulates peristalsis in the intestines and valuable source of vitamin C, B group vitamins, phenolics and many other nutrients.